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For us, freshness isn’t just about what is grown and how it’s harvested. It’s all about commitment. The commitment to only source, pick, and deliver fresh produces of the highest quality & make them accessible for all. With over 40 years of experience combined with state-of-the-art facilities & excellence is the bare minimum. More than just a business, it’s a partnership. More than just a job, it’s a responsibility. Tell us what you need, and we’ll get it delivered, fresh.

Since 1981,
Shokri has been fully committed in sourcing and distributing only the best fruits and vegetables you can find. From the early days when our founder travelled to Tunisia and Morocco to source the best produces, to the days when we became the first importer of Thai products through hard-earned connections and fully hands-on approach. Today, we are fully equipped and ready to help your businesses grow.

To passionately pursue the highest standards in produce selection and distribution, to elevate the culinary experience in MENA and beyond we aim to redefine food enjoyment, one exceptional ingredient at a time.

To become the leading fresh produce distributor in MENA and beyond, by continually exceeding customer expectations, empowering our team, and fostering strong partnerships with local and global growers for a sustainable future.

To always strive for excellence through blue-collar approach and hard-work, cutting no corner to source and deliver only the best produces. Every step is meticulous, from research to material selection.

How we do what we do best



State-of-the-art warehouses


Modern processing & testing facilities


Strategic locations



Reliable fleet with GPS tracking


Advanced inventory system


Skilled & experienced team members


Strong global network of growers
A message from our founder
Ever since our early days, there is one thing that we believe and hold firm.

That everyone deserves the access to the freshest produces they can get. The bountiful offerings bestowed upon us by nature should not be limited to only a select few, but rather should be accessible to all. This unwavering belief has been the cornerstone of our enduring success for over 40 years, bolstered with the never-say-die attitude and the commitment to get things done the right way, while helping businesses grow as we move forward.

Despite more than 4 decades of diligent effort, we recognize that there remains an extensive journey ahead to achieve our goal. Nevertheless, we believe that with our unwavering commitment and your steadfast support, no challenge is insurmountable.
Shokri Hassan

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